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Whitepaper Report

Click Here to Download Full Report ABSTRACT  This qualitative case study examined the entrepreneurship training program BLUE (Build, Learn, Understand, Experiment) at the New World Symphony (NWS), an orchestral academy located in Miami Beach, Florida. The purpose of...

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On Teaching Entrepreneurship

When the New England Conservatory opened its Entrepreneurial Musicianship program in 2010, I was the first faculty member charged with building out the school’s required and elective entrepreneurship classes. This was after the 2008 financial crisis and just before...

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TEACHING TOOL: Creative Visualization for Retirement

Tanya Kalmanovitch, Ph.D. How do you teach students to save for the future, when the future is far-away and frightening? One of the biggest challenges I’ve experienced in teaching entrepreneurship classes is moving my students into action on understanding the ins and...

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